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Many people inside Microsoft called Power Users "admins lite." On the plus side, the long-standing physical access exposure of the default blank password on the built-in Administrator account in Windows XP is now gone. As part of UAC, Windows Vista modifies how the built-in Administrator account, RID 500, is treated. On a clean installation of Windows Vista the builtin Administrator is disabled. Task Manager uses a COM Moniker to allow users to use only a subset of the functionality without elevating. Both account rights and privileges have shortcuts that are used internally. You will often see these shortcuts used to denote the privilege.

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For instance, the right to log on locally is called SeLogonLocallyRight, and the privilege to change the system time zone is SeTimeZonePrivilege. Account rights and privileges are so separate, in fact, that they are actually defined in two different source code files. Account rights are defined in NTSecAPI.h, while privileges are defined in WinNT.h. Core to UAC is the ability to easily elevate to a full administrator. By default, even members of the administrators group are not running with a full administrative token. This means that some tasks that would have been possible under Windows XP do not work under Windows Vista the same way. Increase the number of end users that can run as a non-administrator the majority of the time.

This article is updated on January 2012 to let you know that the same methods can also be used to turn off User Account Control in Windows 7. The screenshots used in are taken from Windows 7 platform. Hence it will only become visible once the user has exited all the UAC dialogs. From the attacker’s perspective, this is an ideal combination. I’d recommend the highest level setting for those who are less experienced or don’t have a clear sense of what may or may not be safe.

Power Users are administrators that have not made themselves administrators yet. It takes milliseconds for an exploit to elevate from a Power User to an administrator.

User Account Control is a security feature of Windows 7 that’s intended to protect you from malware making unauthorized changes. Under Secure sign-in, check the Require users to press Ctrl + Alt + Delete checkbox.

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intelmanI love UAC, because it really shows Microsoft is serious about security. If apps are designed correctly UAC shouldn’t be a problem. For example, Google Talk, doesn’t need UAC to install or run.

  • Right-click on this file and select the “Rename” option.
  • You should see the “UsrClass.Dat” file in the list of files after some scrolling.
  • Closeout of the window and terminate any unnecessary applications.
  • Change its name to something else, save your changes, and exit out of the folder.

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When prompted, click/tap on Run, Yes , Yes, and OK to approve the merge. The other account can access the public share, but not the additional shares. Both the application and MMC(Snap-in) can start an instance of the COM exe if non-existence, and then share between each other. Our application talks to a COM exe, we also have a MMC snap-in talks to this COM exe, i.e. the application communicate with MMC(snap-in) via this COM exe. The filesystem folks are currently thinking through some ideas for what we can do here moving forward. It gets tricky since this particular case has existed in the filesystem since NT4, so simply changing the error code becomes very risky in terms of App Compat.

I dug into this one and it ends up being due to legacy behavior in the filesystem, where it returns ERROR_ACCESS_DENIED from MoveFile in this case, rather than ERROR_SHARING_VIOLATION . As a result, the Shell thinks that it needs to elevate (which it now has the ability to do via UAC, vs. XP when it could simply fail out), even though it’s doomed to failure. jasonyI watched your video again and caught a reply to my own comment– some programs you don’t want to run as admin even windows programs– so they get the "more dramatic" UI. After that time expires, then I can expect to get prompted for the admin password again, because that’s the right way to do it. For instance, elevations should ALWAYS ask for admin password. Now I am sure that asking for a password every time an elevation is done today would drive people crazier, but that leads to the second issue.

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