Exactly exactly just How Mellissa Fung’s abduction informed her reporting regarding the girls whom escaped from Boko Haram

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The journalist’s documentary, Captive, examines exactly how girls in Nigeria are dealing with the injury of abduction

An old CBC journalist who had been taken hostage in Afghanistan states building a documentary about girls in Nigeria have been kidnapped by Boko Haram aided her grapple along with her very own upheaval.

“we discovered a great deal through the girls,” Mellissa Fung told the existing’s Matt Galloway. “You understand, they will have therefore small materially once you glance at where they live, the way they reside. However they have actually plenty strength that is inner. They will have so much faith in Jesus.

“and that is the things I find amazing. Their resilience is inspiring.”

Fung’s documentary, Captive, takes people to northeastern Nigeria, where Islamist extremist team Boko Haram is waging assaults on communities for a long time. The organization that is militant international condemnation in 2014 whenever it kidnapped 276 schoolgirls from Chibok, in the united kingdom’s Borno State. Lees meer