Dating in Iceland. >Are Icelanders constantly dating their family relations?

You will find a few ongoing myths about dating life right right here in Iceland. A person is that people are constantly dating our loved ones, another that individuals actually never carry on times and a different one that intercourse is such a standard thing many people are carrying it out on a regular basis with everyone else. I’d like to simply begin from the start.

No, we’re maybe not. Being this type of little nation we have actually a good system that can help to help keep tabs on that is associated and that isn’t. The reason why this misconception has blossomed is, i do believe, because we now have these amazing documents dating straight back over one thousand years therefore if me and also this man i will be seeing share exactly the same great, great, great, great, great grandmother, we intend to understand. My moms and dads, for instance, share exactly the same great x 6 grand-parents but they aren’t actually associated. Lees meer