Hey there you appear good, just exactly how guys that are many I need to wait behind?

Have you got bones? (Yeah) Then we have 207 things in accordance.

Hey ,they call me coffee cause we grind so fine

What is incorrect? You are looking just a little unfortunate and gloomy. Things you need is some Vitamin me personally.

Have not we came across prior to. I am perhaps maybe not too good with names but I am awesome with figures.

In case a kiss had been a snowfall flake you would be sent by me a snowfall storm

Your title should be mickey, cause you therefore fine. (In mention of One Hit Wonder Song by Toni Basil)

Good pants. can the zipper is tested by me?

I know hello in 6 languages that are different which one are you wanting us to use within the early morning?

May I get your soccer jersey (what?) you realize your number and name

It turn you on if I put my key in your ignition will?

I must make a residents arrest against you, cause it is a criminal activity to be that fine!

Your like Cigarettes, adictive as hell

Did you clean your smile this or do I need to taste them to find out morning?

Do you simply take a bath or perhaps is it me personally that is making you damp? Lees meer