They might hesitate they’ll be changed by somebody else. We know that isn’t true. We have been simply individuals.

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This time talking about some of the stereotypes surrounding bisexuality and discussing their impact and why they might exist on Wednesday, May 13, Charlotte Pride’s Programs Associate Nada Merghani (she/they) and friend Druzy (they/them) hosted another of Charlotte Pride’s continuing weekly facebook Live broadcasts. The livestream ended up being a chance to debunk a few ideas around bisexuality being inherently promiscuous, transphobic, or an indication of some body being confused about their sex. It was additionally a chance to uplift the voices of bisexual individuals having a discussion about bisexuality as many public news narratives surrounding bisexuality are led by either homosexual or right individuals.

Nada, whom identifies as bisexual, joined up with Charlotte Pride a year ago, after several years of LGBTQ community arranging work. Lees meer