This program displays posted amounts and balances for the current period and year to date from the F0902 table. Entities that sell goods maintain at least one inventory account in their general ledgers and often more than one for different classes of inventory.

The transactions from the Fusion Subledgers applications and Custom Subledgers will get processed by running the Create Accounting process. Chris Pifer is a Principal Consultant serving higher education and nonprofit clients. As a senior leader, Chris provides subject matter expertise on the technical implementation of Salesforce and relevant third-party tools. His specialties include solution analysis and design, data analysis and migration, and test and quality assurance. Contact us at with any questions, to get additional details, or to discover how we can support incorporating Subledger into your overall vision for cloud-based fundraising using Salesforce.

Most entities will do this electronically using Excel functions due to the large volume of transactions involved. Once reviewed and ready, SLA transfers them to the GL interface and from there the import process kicks in and creates the Journals in the General Ledger. These GL journals are usually summarized and normally, the relationship between the Subledger Journal and the GL Journal is many to one. The posting process makes those journals official and sends information to the Essbase balances cube. Aaron Crosman is a Senior Specialist in Attain Partners’ Salesforce Services Group.

  • Here are four specific pain points you might hear from your finance team leads and how a subscription subledger can help you address the shortcomings of your traditional accounting methods.
  • It supports your balance sheet and trial balance, which lenders and investors want to look at.
  • We can also configure Accounting Subledger to pull details from the Payment, General Accounting Unit, or Opportunity directly onto the Ledger Entry object for easy reporting.
  • However, we find that many small businesses do better when using sub-ledgers.
  • This keeps your accounts protected from potential fraud and simplifies the workload on each employee.

These records are generated from Opportunities using a scheduled job or a trigger. That can be nightly, on a custom schedule, and even triggered immediately when gift is created or updated.


To optimize financial processes you need real-time and rule-based revenue management software supported by a scalable enterprise-grade control environment that is ASC 606 and IFRS 15 compliant. Automated subledger and revenue recognition streamlines the management of any billing model, eliminating manual errors, lost revenue and ensuring regulatory compliance.


More often than not, that account is the cash you have available in your bank accounts and short-term investments . A sub-ledger account will show each bank account and the transactions within it to show why the amount is $180,000. Very small businesses, with one bank account and one or two vendors, won’t use subledger accounting.

You can post transactions for classes that meet the specified criteria to a subledger group. Chargeback transactions in the subledger groups are eventually exported and written to the general ledger in the financials system.

Accounting Articles

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What is accounts payable general ledger?

Accounts payable is a general ledger account for money owed that does not come with a promissory note. Whenever a business receives an invoice with payment terms, it gets entered into the Accounts Payable ledger and increases the total liabilities of the business.

These are specific pieces of accounting information that exist together in balance—every debit has a corresponding credit, every credit has a corresponding debit. Accounting Subledger translates fundraising and other revenue into the language of accounting, but first you’ll have to do some old-fashioned translating between teams. Finance, fundraising, and your Salesforce admin all have a role in making decisions based on your organization’s technology, processes, policies, and people. Implementing these practices will not only increase the pace of your month end close process but will also safeguard against problematic transactions that can occur in the future. If you empower other staff to get involved in improving the close process, there will be more ownership in the outcome. At the very least, you should be meeting with your team every quarter to do a post-mortem about your close to look at what worked, what didn’t and discuss areas of improvement.

Through the automated preparation of your fundraising information, Accounting retained earnings saves your organization time and reduces manual errors, giving finance easily-importable data. Make sure your soft close fiscal periods once the reconciliation process is complete to keep prior periods in balance. If transactions are posted to prior periods after closing it can cause both the current period and previous periods to be out of balance. If it turns out Accounting Subledger is not the correct solution for you, you might want to look into the KELL Fund Allocations Pack as an alternative.

Every transaction has to be recorded and you can find problematic accounts that need to be confronted. You can stop overspending and find suitable areas to cut back on when money is tight. You can also use sub-ledgers to help determine your next years’ budget.

R will create multiple F0902 records with different values of subledger, since PEC ‘L’ posts subledgers in detail format. CookieDurationDescriptioncookielawinfo-checbox-analytics11 monthsThis cookie is set by GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. Manage critical revenue data with our native subledger to ease the financial close process. Journals recorded in the general ledger accounts that were not recorded in the sub-ledger. Think for instance of the journal to adjust the carrying value of inventory to the lower of cost or market.

What Is A Subledger, And Why Is It Important?

Our experts work with you to customize the right structure for your organization or departmental needs. Once the data is summarized into the Ledger Entry records, a user can choose the right report (from a library of pre-defined reports) for their specific system to run. Now it’s time to start up Accounting Subledger and start creating ledger entries.

Can we post entries directly to the reconciliation account if yes how?

11 Answers. The account is a reconciliation account for vendors so what you have to do is to make your posting to a vendor account which will move the reconciliation account automatically by the same amount. the sub ledger, you cannot post directly to a reconciliation account.

This could mean adding several hundred accounts to your chart of accounts.Subledgers do not create additional records in the Account Master table . The general ledger is a set of master accounts where transaction record. It is the principal set of accounts and records all financial transactions. The general ledger contains all debit and credit entries of transaction and entry for the same is done in different account mainly, there are five types of accounts assets, liabilities, equity, income, and expense. But there are limitations in the recording of the transaction, so the sum of a different subset of sub-ledger is added in the general ledger. A subledger is a ledger containing all of a detailed sub-set of transactions.

Essbase is a multidimensional database created by Oracle Hyperion that uses that integrates with Fusion GL. It is a reporting product used for analytics, generating financial reports, etc. Along with Essbase, there are other reporting tools such as Smart View and Financial Reporting Studio to generate financial reports, balance sheet reports, et cetera. The Starter license provides the basic Ledger Entry object and a few reports designed for specific Accounting systems, such as QuickBooks. If you only need to track your revenue accounts and adjustments within Salesforce, the Starter license may be a good fit for you. After one last check in the sandbox and a deployment to production, NMH and its consulting partner are ready to go. In the next unit we’ll see how Accounting Subledger works silently in the background to help NMH’s fundraising and finance teams better communicate. Here are four specific pain points you might hear from your finance team leads and how a subscription subledger can help you address the shortcomings of your traditional accounting methods.


To minimize the risk of problems with locking and platform limits, we recommend that you only generate the records just before you need them and not based on the trigger process. These questions may come last here, but they are critical to success with any technology. The technology and processes work in service of your staff—and the people you serve through your mission—so spend time determining what you need to enable your staff and make the most of any new tool. Any time you’re trying to connect two systems it’s important to understand them both and how they connect. With some accounting knowledge, the NMH staff is ready to start making decisions about when and how accounting data is generated by Accounting Subledger. Accounting Subledger isn’t technically complex to configure—it’s just one page of settings—but each decision must be thoughtfully made to align with your organization’s accounting policies and processes.

Structured (flex Format) Subledgers

Request a demo by reaching out to us or your Salesforce Account Executive. As this is a licensed product, you cannot test all of the features without support. In coordination with Salesforce, our team of experts can help you make an informed decision as to which option may be best for your organization.

When you’re considering if it’s the best choice for your organization, it’s important to look at factors including your entry volume and how your processes work. Accounting subledger departs from traditional Salesforce configurations that only care about “what is” and do not keep a record when a change is made. Subledger, like accounting departments, cares about “what was” and retains a more detailed record for audits.


The ASC 842 and IFRS 16 standards require lease accounting to be completed at the asset level. As a result, lease accounting contra asset accounts will need to track not only what happens to the lease, but also what happens to each individual asset on the lease in order to accurately complete the accounting processes described above. A true lease accounting subledger should be able to store complete journal entries, including commencement date, expense recognition, principal reduction, and both short- and long-term reclassifications. Those journal entries can then be aggregated to the schedule level and transferred to the lease accounting GL. It is a detailed subset of accounts that contains transaction information and is the subset of the general ledger in the accounting.

The next step is to make necessary adjustments to the G/L or to sub-ledger based on the reconciliation to correct any errors, omissions, etc. To identify what needs to be adjusted, you could use the template of the general ledger to sub-ledger reconciliation statement presented above. The general ledger is essentially the ultimate source document for a business’s financial information, since it contains virtually all of the transactions that occurred in the history of the organization.

The report data can then be exported into a CSV file and is ready for direct import into an accounting system. Salesforce created the Accounting Subledger solution to simplify packaging up fundraising data and transforming it into finance-friendly data. Revenue states are what help Accounting Subledger generate the information you need for cash and accrual accounting.

Accounting Accounting software helps manage payable and receivable accounts, general ledgers, payroll and other accounting activities. In an accounting software package, a subledger is a database, rather than a manually-maintained book. This report includes the same information that you can view online with the T/B by Subledger program .

The Fund Allocations Pack is a good choice if you need to track reversals, lock Salesforce records after posting and need to report on allocations alongside cash payments received. It’s slightly lower-cost, and may be an approachable choice for smaller nonprofits. A general ledger is used to create a trial balance for internal accounting records. Subledgers help organize a company’s financial accounting information so accounting professionals can easily track and report monetary amounts used to run a business. A general ledger is the master set of accounts that summarizes all transactions occurring within an entity.

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